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here we come

What movement like cypherpunk are lacking ?

Brain, European Brains...

Read the "cypherpunk manifesto", it's just pathetic ... a few lines about privacy ...

Read the unabomber manifesto, you have a hard time believing such a garbage can come from apparently educated mind in mathematics... just a bunch of banalities... "they kill nature,,, kill them' "

Why is that? Simply because ideology is hard. It's maybe harder than everything. Having a lucid vision of past, present and future and what's to be done and achieved at the present time is the only priviledge of a few

As for Julian Assange, It's not better "want open socierty... transparency..."
well the same open society just put you in jail ... forever...

America... USA... the hyper-power with a population of most retarded people...

That's getting transparent here.... a nation of idiot cow-boys and their bit**ches cannot produce much , right ?

USA ... "the only place who switched directly from barabary to decadence" dixit Albert Einstein (who so far was never proven wrong)

Then we have R.U.S.S.I.A where marxism-leninism is still in the air. the last true idology of the human race.

Marixsm-leninism is based on real ideology from hegel at least, not something the sectarians americans idiots can get.

Russia got hit, badly... still on their feets...

only future ideology will come from Russia, despite the social situation of mafiosi-country which is ruling now.

Some have made Ukraine as a new ideology... a laboratory of control and horror for the Hillary Clinton power. Russia is also bad but still can be used for a differebnt power... a cypherpunk power or even more... but I only see asmathic freaks here...on this forum !
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