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On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 03:50:29PM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 11:44:05AM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > China ought be held to return Tibet to the Tibetans, under the authority of the Dalai Llama, as part of the reparations for the China virus/ Wuhan flu.
> > 
> >   Coronavirus response in Tibet: arrests, crackdown, religious repression
> >   https://savetibet.org/coronavirus-response-in-tibet-arrests-crackdown-religious-repression/
> >   https://tibet.net/coronavirus-response-in-tibet-arrests-crackdown-religious-repression/
> >     ..
> >     - China has responded to the spread of coronavirus to Tibet by cracking down on people who post information online about the deadly illness, including one man who was detained by police simply for encouraging his contacts to recite prayers to ward off infection.
> >     - Chinese authorities also announced the cancellation of public religious festivals and prayer ceremonies for “Losar,” the Tibetan New Year, which begins Feb. 24.
> >     - In the wake of the outbreak, the Chinese government has activated its network of military and Chinese Community Party cadres to spread propaganda about protecting “stability”—a euphemism for the suppression of free speech and the enforcement of compliance with CCP policies.
> >     - Despite the spread of the virus, China’s leadership has chosen to move ahead with a new campaign in Tibet described as sending a “million police to 10 million homes.” The intention is to ensure “grassroots” integration of security forces in local communities. The campaign began in January and will continue throughout the year.
> >     - In contrast to the Chinese government’s heavy-handed response, the Tibetan people have reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus with compassion. Monasteries have donated funds for the purchase of facemasks and goggles, and Tibetans lit butter lamps in honour of the Chinese whistleblower who warned about the virus and subsequently died from it.
> > 
> >   https://www.yandex.com/search/?text=coronavirus%20in%20tibet&lr=10145
> So China's behaviour through all this Chinese Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 brouhaha, from any view of "human lives matter", has been utterly atrocious.
> But what does one expect from the CCP/ Chinese communist regime?
> This awareness now rising in the West, leads to a looming "100 Years of Shame" for the Chinese.
> Little things such as setting right the Chinese wrongs in Tibet and giving Tibetans back their country, may go part of the way to a future where China is able to build a moral standing in the world.  Until then, it is a certainty we shall, sadly, see the coming Century Of Shame for the Chinese people.
> This will not be "humiliation" since it is not caused by other nations, but by the behaviour of the Chinese Communist Party members themselves, and the consequences therefrom.

Tibetan slaughter by Chinese

Lhasa, Tibet - No comment

slaughter in tibet

Appalling euphemism for China’s slaughter in Tibet
   It is surely immaterial whether or not Tibet was an independent state when considering the appalling death and destruction carried out there by the Communist Chinese authorities. Prasan Stianrapapongs describes the damaging or total destruction of nearly all of Tibet’s 6,000 Buddhist temples and the slaughter or imprisonment of thousands of monks and nuns as part of a concerted effort to eliminate traditional Tibetan culture and beliefs as “modern reorganisation”. This must surely rank as a strong contender for the euphemism of the century. Would he cast such a tolerant eye on similar policies here in Thailand? I hardly think so.

The Body Count

   .."We could hear nothing but the sound of our footsteps as we walked through the town … After we got through the gate, we saw a tall wall in front of us … The troops were taking the prisoners forward line by line, but when they approached the center of the wall they seemed to disappear … I thought, “That’s very strange—what’s going on here?” … When we reached the middle of the wall, a Chinese soldier raised a trapdoor which covered a deep hole, from the ground. A terrible smell came out of the darkness. The troops ordered the prisoners to jump down into the hole one by one. I could hear them landing on the ground beneath. From inside the hole I could hear people crying in pain … “How terrible, it’s a child!” someone down below said, and he reached his arms up and carried me down…

   When I got into the open air I was astonished to see that the yard was full of hundreds of prisoners … Looking around I could see other holes, and they seemed to have dead bodies lying close to them too …

   “There are 2,300 male prisoners,” Dragpa said,” and 1,600 females,” Cooks always know exactly how many prisoners there are … Each morning the bodies of those who had died as a result of the Chinese soldiers’ cruelty were carried out of the main gate. Two prisoners used to tie them to a pole and carry the bodies, hanging beneath the pole, to the disposal point outside the wall …"

   .. Try as one might, it’s hard to conceive of a means of dismissing Nag-tshang Nu-blo’s testimony as something “skewed to please exile authorities.”

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