Andrew Anlin fails to cognize the intentions of China, shills for globalism

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at
Thu Jul 16 00:36:17 PDT 2020

Andrew Anglin continues his globalist shilling rather than uniting the troops behind the nationalist, pro White fertility agenda.

Anglin accepts our China virus "almost overlords" as preferable to men of his own kind.

Anglin is a piss poor White supremacist who continues to complain about everything despite the obvious need to focus on next steps and the next dang job done.

Anglin seems unwilling or unable to think beyond one single step of "OMG, those HK students should not protest, dey are so inferior, dey's not even know what a principle is".

I guess Anglin is keen on hedging his health in a few years fo two dollah kidney "Mista Mista Angrin man, we gats cheap healty Falun Gook kidney for wealty White hero boy - you need soon soon, we cheap cheap".

In Angrin mind, China gud boy, do nuttin wrong in work re-education camps, and the rest work for $2 dollah a day man, that so cheap, you buy buy very smart phone Mr Angrin man!

I didn't want to say it, but young angry male mind might need a real, actual Tianenmen leak, not that tank man bullshit, but hails of bullets mowing down hundreds of students folled by blood soup, dozers and chlorine spray.

Some folks are yet to comprehend the Pol Pot mind, they sinmply cannot fathom it.

So don't give us that bullshit about "the famous Tank Man" - that was tha propaganda for White folks to feel comfy about China.

Truth is rough sometimes, but sometimes it's needed.

Wiki away muffas - it's all in the balance, we are in critical times, and this is a war of wills, a war of intentions.

The consequences of the results of your/our collective choices shall strike as Thor's hammer for millenia.

If there is no such material, then we need personal dicta, the eye witness accounts, the truth from our fellow Souls.

Darkness Over Tibet muffas.  Read it.  Many DUMB bunkers are frome bygone eras, authorities still below us, fallen ones.

Your voice counts. There is great testing - who stands on righteous principle, who cries for superficial, who does wrong by others when they could clear their slate, who pretends to sit on the fence as a MugWud bird, fooling no one but himself that he is "impartial" ...

... but in sitting, he still shits on one side of the fence.

Now is a reckoning, and some are rising to this existential challenge, delivering some mighty fine consciousness raising work.  Whether you meme the masses into a new overton window, deliver very naughty blue wakeups, or simply stand unshakable on a particular principle which you defend against a world gone mad, you are changing the our world.

It's not a bad world, we should care for it, and for one another.


   Why is Freedom for Hong Kong Being Prioritized Over the Interests of the American People?

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