1 big thing: The CIA's new license to cyberattack

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Wed Jul 15 22:00:41 PDT 2020

Dang it coderman, this is bait, and I'm trying to be busy.  Bait is very unfair and naughty to post!

What's this world coming to... evebody profilin evebody it seems.  Very, naughty!

On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 07:20:46PM +0000, coderman wrote:
> 1 big thing: The CIA's new license to cyberattack

Smacks of "Swiss n.gger shtf" post facto justification.  Oh, and "new"?  Please!

> In 2018, President Trump granted the CIA expansive legal authorities to carry out [covert actions in cyberspace](https://link.axios.com/click/20914074.53225/aHR0cHM6Ly9uZXdzLnlhaG9vLmNvbS9zZWNyZXQtdHJ1bXAtb3JkZXItZ2l2ZXMtY2lhLW1vcmUtcG93ZXJzLXRvLWxhdW5jaC1jeWJlcmF0dGFja3MtMDkwMDE1MjE5Lmh0bWw_dXRtX3NvdXJjZT1uZXdzbGV0dGVyJnV0bV9tZWRpdW09ZW1haWwmdXRtX2NhbXBhaWduPW5ld3NsZXR0ZXJfYXhpb3Njb2RlYm9vayZzdHJlYW09dGVjaG5vbG9neQ/5c53a81cfbd297039763bbe6B2c819b08), providing the agency with powers it has sought since the George W. Bush administration, former U.S. officials directly familiar with the matter told Yahoo News.
> Why it matters: The CIA has conducted disruptive covert cyber operations against Iran and Russia since the signing of this presidential finding, said former officials.

A good thing such karma crazy Clintonite "destruction of America" is being exposed.  Very good thing.

And it's really very amazing that this is the first North American gov administration which actively spies on their competitors, "enemies" and peers alike - totally shocking.

Dang it coderman!

> Driving the news: According to the Yahoo News story, of which I am the lead author, the 2018 covert action finding gives the CIA much more power to undertake such operations without needing prior approval from the National Security Council.

We don't know how tightly Trump's hands are bound, though we do know he does not control the lower house, and it cannot really be said he controls much at all.  Except his tweets - seems he controls those.

We do know that the world's greatest Zionists behind the M.E.'s greatest wall, screech loudly about "Iran - America's greatest threat".

We also know that this year Israel thought it a smashing idea to lock in and purchase some fighter jet range extender refuelling planes "to be able to comfortably reach Iran for bombing runs".  Yep, that'll make more friends.  For sure.  Totally.

> - Under the Obama administration, U.S. officials would discuss proposals for specific potential covert actions for months, or even years, before signing off on them, former officials said.
> - Now they can go “from idea to approval in weeks,” a former U.S. official told Yahoo News. And many proposals can now circumvent the NSC entirely, said former U.S. officials. “Trump wanted to push decision-making to the lowest possible denominator,” said another former U.S. official — which means many of these decisions are now being made in-house within the CIA, said former officials.

'Orange man bad "wanted"...'

> Of note: These new powers are not related to the CIA’s ability to hack for the purpose of mere intelligence-gathering, said former officials.

Oh shit, Langley is gonna "start" to get involved in meat space actions in the world - I guess toppling 3rd rate regimes, infiltrating media outlets and heart stopping handshakes might be a "start".

(And you hnow, NO one spells First Rate Regime like a truly nationalist, wall building, dissent crushing, blood purity ensuring regime like the Neo Promised ZioLand.)

> - Instead, they are about creating real-world effects like degrading or destroying adversaries’ infrastructure or exposing rival intelligence services’ secrets, said these officials.
> - The CIA’s new authorities have allowed it to more freely engage in “hack-and-dump” operations of the sort popularized by Russian intelligence via WikiLeaks, where pilfered data is leaked to journalists or released online via personas like Guccifer 2.0, the online front used by Russian operatives to publicize the 2016 hack of the DNC, said former U.S. officials.
> - The CIA has already dumped Russia- and Iran-related tranches of data online, said former officials.

Obviously the despotic actions of murder and targetted infrastructure destruction of Iran, were the primary election campaign promises of Trump "Bomb Iran to the Stoneage Again", yes BISA, that was it, I remember 2016 so clearly now.  Flashing gifs and BISA.

And obviously obviously, Israel has totally no intererst in having America be seen to be the real one targetting Iran, literally not possible, Israel is as sweet as a fresh fed baby and just wants peace and properity for all Persians.  Bibi just yesterday: "Dudes, like, how skanky is Trump targetting Iran all the time, this is _so_ nothing to do with us <snigger snigger>".

> Other impacts of the 2018 finding:
> 1. Financial institutions. It loosens prior restrictions on disruptive or destructive targeting of financial institutions, former U.S. officials said.
> - In prior administrations, wiping or dumping hacked banking data was considered an uncrossable line because of the potential effects of retaliation by foreign states on the U.S. banking system, said former officials.
> - Treasury Department officials were always particularly vociferously opposed to such measures in the past, said former officials.
> - “These were “things CIA always knew were an option, but were always a bridge too far," a former official told Yahoo News. “They had been bandied about at senior levels for a long time, but cooler heads had always prevailed."
> 2. "Cut-outs." The presidential authorization makes it much easier for the CIA to target “cut-outs” believed to be working surreptitiously for hostile foreign intelligence services at media organizations, charities, religious institutions or other nonstate entities for disruptive or destructive cyber actions, said former officials. In the past, the burden of proof for targeting such entities was high; now, standards have been made far more lax, said former officials.
> 3. The "big four." The finding explicitly enables the CIA to use these new powers against the “big four” U.S. adversaries — China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. But even though the CIA already had more legal maneuverability on covert operations against Iran than other U.S. foes, the Trump administration was particularly focused on escalating its activities against Tehran, said former officials.

Yes, BISA is literally the life purpose of Trump, when he's not blind with rage against Assad and the Syrian people or congratulating NATO on their bombing of the former Yugoslavia.  Just as well the American people elected him to clean up Israel's "enemies"!  Whoops, did I mention Israel?  What I really mean is it's great Trump is planning on wiping OUR greatest threat to "democracy" off the map... that's it folks, step right up, Trump (and not the Western MOTU banking overlords) is just itching to join the club of genocidal horror despots and "chuck a Mosul" (patented USA MIC move) on Iran - we will all be safer when those mean brown skins are all dead, right?

Yes folks, Trump is so murderous even Bibi can't stop him from delivering his dastardly M.E. culling plan on the suspecting brown skins somewhere over there..

We should all send them chlorine so they can whiten the firetruck up already...

> - These new CIA authorities, as well as a capacious interpretation of prior ones, have contributed to the administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran, say former officials, with the CIA conducting disruptive cyberattacks against Iranian infrastructure throughout Trump's term.

Totally Trump - everybody suspected he was just a Persian murdering psychopath in orange clown clothes.

NOTHING TO DO WITH BIBI!!!  And don't even THINK about thinking about it!

> - This maximum pressure campaign has been tantamount to a “regime destabilization” strategy for some senior Trump-era national security officials, aiming to weaken the Iranian government in order to force it to retreat to its own borders — and even hopefully collapse entirely, say former officials.


TFTFY, muffaduckas.

> The big picture: Some officials emphasize that Trump-era shifts in U.S. offensive cyber operations are part of a natural evolution in U.S. policies in this arena and that many changes would have been granted under a new Democratic administration as well.
> - “It’s not like some cabal of folks who had been sort of outside the national security establishment ... were then brought in and hijacked” this process, a former senior official told me.

Folks, I can absolutely, unequivocally, totally guarantee you, almost, that Brennan and crew have nothing to do with this sort of propaganda, and any such assertions are nothing but vile, horrid and vicious lies spread by democracy haters.

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