surprisingly, Soros now pins US color revolution on Trump

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at
Sun Jul 12 15:46:07 PDT 2020

This might be obvious in hindsight, or I might just be unfortunately slow to grasp things, but to this morning's delight, a "blame Trump" exercise actually surprises me.  Go figure.

Presimably feeling the heat, Soros is for some strange reason wanting his grand hurrah, the White color revolution being dished out on North America for the world to see, to NOT be blamed on Soros!

It's hard to get over the level's of chutzpah in this one, and really, chops to Soros for at least __trying__ to pin the blame on someone as Project Veritas and other leaks ongoingly damn him in the public mind ...

... I guess "Putin dunnit" was beginning to wear a little thin.. and since for 30+ years the oligarchs have been stashing the cash over in their favourite Pooh Bear dictatorship, and now they're struggling to get it out, they might as well try to turn up the heat on MAGA Man.

"All's fair in war and color revolutions."

Quite sophístamicated:

   Hedge Fund CIO: Trump Is Now Left With Two Darker Options - A Domestic Civil Conflict And/Or A Chinese Conflict

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