Joe Biden if president, will be replaced with his vice president

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Fri Jul 10 15:27:17 PDT 2020

 Well, it may be 'obvious', but nevertheless the whole process still doesn't make sense.  Biden, the guy who arranged to have his son receive a $3 million bribe from Ukraine, who is now subject to substantial mental limitations, purports to be the best candidate the Democrats could find on 4-years of notice.   They ripped off Bernie Sanders, TWICE.  (No great loss...actually, no loss at all.)
Myself, I will be voting for Jo Jorgenson, the Libertarian candidate, in November 2020.

I'm waiting for John Durham's prosecutions to begin.  They have waited way too long so far.  
           Jim Bell

    On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 12:14:24 AM PDT, Zig the N.g <ziggerjoe at> wrote:  
 For those who missed the obvious, Joe Biden if president, will be replaced with his vice president, whoever she is.  And in that case, Joe "Biden Collection" will either step down willingly (probably glad to be done with the whole circus), or if for some odd "failure to comprehend why he was allowed to be nominated in the first place" reason, will be revoved, one way or another.  Normally one would presume that a competent candidate for the US presidency would understand such basic principles...

  Judd Gregg: The Coming Biden Coup
    Judd Gregg, op-ed via The Hill,

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