recommendation for offline Markdown renderer (for GitHub .md)?

Karl gmkarl at
Mon Jul 6 06:17:51 PDT 2020

Hey,  I haven't been been able to keep up with the messages but found this

On Sun, Jul 5, 2020, 8:14 AM Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:

> Anyone got a strong recommendation for an offline Markdown renderer which
> can at least do a passable job rendering GitHub's .md style?
> grip uses GitHub API, contacts the server on every render, seems to not
> even cache CSS files...
> Also!:
> GitHub supports inlining section files (very useful for reducing file
> size/ dividing one large file) with this:
> <file name="">
> So having that work with an offline renderer would be gold™...

Zenaan, I would suggest taking any existing offline markdown renderer and
adding the features you need to it.  What are you building?

I usually use offline markdown rendering for decentralized wikis.  I'm
interested in collaborating on projects that could be used to support
decentralized wikis.  I can hack on c/c++, python, nodejs, bash, perl, and
possibly php or ruby right now, well enough to add a needed new feature to
a markdown renderer.  I use git and work for causes rather than money.

I'm having trouble accessing my email right now, so if I don't reply trying
another channel to reach me if possible can help.



There is proof inside many peoples' electronics.  Proof that a marketing
group would contract development of a frightening virus.  A virus that
responds to peoples' keystrokes and browsing habits, and changes what
people see on their devices.  A virus that alters political behavior en
masse, for profit.

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