what should be the goals of an 'evolved" technological & scientific society?

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Sun Jul 5 17:06:50 PDT 2020

Question: what should be the goals of an 'evolved" technological & scientific society?

- buying and selling the most 'popular' keywords ?
- making super shiny HTML5 websites for the bags sold by Karshadian (whatever his the correct name I don't care)
- watching (mostly stupid) videos on small devices everywhere at any moment of the day
- ordering pizzas with a mobile device?
- securing the money of the ones who steal fortunes?
- making all people under strict surveillance, using all sort of monitoring devices?
- putting 'IoT' smart (sic) devices into the asses of old people to measure the frequencies of their farts ?
- etc...

Not really, an evolved society should try to seek new ways of interacting with the universe, seeking answers about their origins, building robots to serve and help them, researching more knowledge and maybe more wiseness.

And before all, travelling in space, exploring the solar system and their galaxy. Needless to say we are far from that and everyday we get seperated from that evolved society by millions of kms.

Our society is people-focused... democracy as they claim... each 'people' is a god' with a beautiful body that smells good and a younger skin, a unique and beautiful creature which deserve the right to dignity and above all, a brand new smartphone provided with plenty of super programs. There are 7 billions of beautiful asses on that planet, superbs, polished and clean who 'stays at home to be safe' but is that really what we should have expected from a really 'evolved' society ? Not at least a bit more ambitions than this?

Over all this, there should be a debate if digittal technology is really the most advanced thing we could do? We certainly need something like that but do we really need stuff like javascript which seems to consume the energy of so much young talents (sic). Computer are fascinating but so far all projects about 4th and 5th generations of computers were abandonned (the computers you dialog with, not program ) and since Android is becoming slowly but surely the OS of the future... I see this is a dead-end

there is surely a need for something else than digital technology but what ?
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