Rabushka: "as a result of the American Revolution, the tax burden tripled"

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> the "American" revolution was nothing but a ruse to create chaos and war debts, for greedy bankers, after which "the colony's tax debt tripled"!

	that's just one aspect of it. Overall, the US 'revolution' was just a coup d'etat that transferred power from the english overseas oligarchy to the local 'national' oligarchy of jefferson and accomplices. Notice that the local slave-owning oligarchy was already pretty powerful. They just wanted ALL the power and all the fruits of the labor of the slaves. 

	Same thing happened with the rest of 'liberal' 'revolutions' of that time. They were the same kind of fraud. Here's a funny note though. While the US cunstitution starts with :

	"we the people of the US", the argie cunstitution says "nos los representantes del pueblo" which translates to "we the REPRESENTATIVES of the people".

	Of courset the argie 'representatives' were  usurping scum like their US brothers, BUT at least they didn't pretend to be the 'the people' themselves. In other words, teh US cunstituion is a bigger, more pathetic fraud than even the cunstitutions from 'banana republics'.

	as to your 'source', the calvinist, far right scumbag and completely unhinged nutcase gary north, here's the pertinent background info


	isn't it funny how US scumbags are ALWAYS wrong? The ones who manage to comment on the fraud of the US 'revolution' are anti-liberal christian nazis themselves, including that  motherfucking piece of shit bill bonner. 

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