таракан cryptoanalyzers at
Wed Jul 1 16:18:45 PDT 2020

> Fundamntal rights are fundamental for a reason - they are fundamental to life, to our rights to survive, to thrive, and to merely exist.
> We cannot survive without existing.
> We cannot thrive without surviving.
> So we each individually, and collectively, are with all fundamental rights to exist and to survive.

Survival defined precisely our essence, as Humans, because we are the
 very product of Survival.

If there was no need to survival, we wouldn't be Humans at all.

Which implies if, in our post-whatever-modern societies, there is no need for survival, there is no meaning at all to be Human.

Survival here indeed implies to survive to that giant and monstrous worldwide system which is been created in front or our eyes. Not destroying it, it's totally impossible, just escaping it or outliving it.

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