BBC News: Hacked home cams used to livestream police raids in swatting attacks

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Dec 31 21:36:13 PST 2020

Time and time again we see the authorities fail to protect people from anti-social crime enabled by the net. Maybe this particular target deserved some rough justice however my general point remains an obvious glaring fault with our present imperfectly networked circumstances.

The obvious way to minimize net and crypto assisted violence is weaponized prediction markets such as popularized by Robin Hanson for the pentagon and our own APster killer app as designed by Jim Bell.  Perhaps a merger between Augur and the Jim Bell project will cut down on most of these bushwackers running wild out there.

Certainly making a horrible example out of the likes of Assmange, Ulbricht and Hammond couldn't hurt.  Kill three - scare three thousand. Yes Virginia, there is law West of the Pecos.

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