COINTELPRO: 1970's - Old News to 2020's DeepState Ops re BLM Antifa Corona Elections Laptop

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Dec 31 19:43:09 PST 2020

COINTELPRO in a broad sense might be justified against those BLM'ers that identify as Marxist since Marxists can't practice ' Need-to-know '  security culture to save their own worthless ' Don't ask - don't tell ' lives.
Its only been sporadically successful against Antifa with that Bridge destruction plot as one example.  The net is a boon to anarchist organizing for those with a certain amount of nous - explains Louis Beam as well. 
Category error to try and attribute BLM and Antifa to Deep State since you never assert conspiracies when stupidity will cover it. October surprise laptop just another tedious exercise in Lol-Gop  ratfucking. Republican party COINTELPRO against Dumpocraps may have peaked with the Brooks Bros riot since they haven't had any great successes since. 
Asfaik the last time the USG had a slim chance of rolling out fascism was late 2001 - late 2002.
Covert fascism is not the same thing - they can't even use that to stamp out the Covid spread.
So all the " GovCorp ' bloviating is just a tale told by an idiot called Gramps ( with the help of Nazi loser morons like Batshit and the Darkness ) What else is new?
You missed out on Btc?
Oh deer.

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