Senator Josh Hawley stakes integrity -- Mo Brooks stands for Trump and justice, only one senator needed muffas :D -- USA 2020 Elections: Thread

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Dec 30 14:01:34 PST 2020

Finally, publically, the first (of presumably many) Republican senator
announces he will NOT vote on 6 January 2021 to certify the election

DemonRats are now in official panic mode, the Ministry's spin doctors go
brrr :D

   BREAKING: Walmart Slams Senator Josh Hawley for Standing Up Against
   Election Fraud – Hawley Lets Them Have It …Update: Walmart Responds

And whilst he was at this stake of integrity, Sen. Hawley also destroyed
Walmart, who immediately backed down with smoother moves than Isreali
dancers on a New York rooftop in September ...

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 04:45:55PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Step up folks, clock's nearly run out - just a few short weeks, and we
> shan't even mention our yuge disappointment in "Cocaine Mėtch" and his 30
> year China trafking, I mean, business: we are entering a new
> world folks, with new rules.
> OKiDoHki :)
> What we have here folks-skis, is failure, to not communicate.
> Communication is happening.  That is, success, with no apologies to
> double negatives.
> Stands are being stood/made.
> There is little time left for courage to be demonstrated - to all
> Governors, reps and senators, both state and federal, the clock is
> nearly run out.. .
> For example, Georgian (republican) Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of
> State Brad Raffensperger, just ran out of time:
>    "Will Soon Be Going to Jail": President Trump Retweets Lin Wood
>     Calling Out Georgia Gov. & Secretary of State
> Whoopsie... missed the memo, eh?
> Damn shame that.. far better for justice to occur by the hand of
> righteous if confronting action, than in the sad form of punishment for
> wrong action.
> A gentle hint for those who missed the memo: you can try to run down the
> clock, but the clock is likely to run down you.  Kemp and Raffensperger
> had been given ample notice and requests and opportunity by Trump and
> the constituents of the electorate, to do the right thing, and utterly
> FAILED to do the right thing!!
>    Bzzt.  Time's up.
> And I say that with no malice whatsoever - you make your own bed, and
> the moments for redemption are starting to run out.
> Justice is coming to town and his name is Trump literally proclaiming
> the authority of Angel Gabriel and proclaiming our Lord and Saviour
> Jesus Christ.
> I bet your MSM failed to disclose THAT golden nugget to you...
> In rather poignant "Yes, Trump did in fact win the election" news today,
> courageous Republican federal representative  --- Mo Brooks ---  stakes
> his flag on the hill of justice in the form of election integrity and
> formally objecting to the electoral college vote:
>    Rep. Mo Brooks Goes Off During Interview, Says "Trump Won the Electoral College" Vows to "Stand Up and Fight"
>       …“Well, it’s happened many times in the past,” Brooks said.
>       “Apparently, some folks have not done their history. By way of
>       example, the Democrats in the House tried it in 2017 when they
>       tried to strike Alabama’s votes for Donald Trump. Georgia, the
>       same way, the House Democrats tried to strike it. Barbara Boxer
>       tried to strike Ohio for George Bush back in 2005, so this is not
>       unusual. The law is very clear, the House of Representatives in
>       combination with the United States Senate has the lawful authority
>       to accept or reject Electoral College vote submissions from states
>       that have such flawed election systems that they’re not worthy of
>       our trust.”
>       "And in this instance, with what has happened nationally, I’m
>       quite confident that if we only counted lawful votes cast by
>       eligible American citizens, Donald Trump won the Electoral
>       College, and we should not be counting illegal votes and putting
>       in an illegitimate President of the United States.” he continued.
>       "Well, where we’re headed as a country is this, quite simply,
>       we’re a Republic, and the bedrock of a Republic is an honest and
>       accurate voting system," Brooks said. "And if you don’t have an
>       honest and accurate voting system, then you may as well throw out
>       the claim that you’re a Republic. You’ve lost that right. You’ve
>       lost the control of your government, and under those
>       circumstances, those who can steal the most votes, who can engage
>       in the most voter fraud and get away with it are going to be the
>       ones that rule the roost in Washington, D.C. That’s not what our
>       founding fathers wanted. That’s not what a million or so Americans
>       who have lost their lives in wars wanted, giving us this Republic,
>       this democracy where we could control our own fate and our own
>       destiny."
>       "So I have a choice, I can either sit back and surrender and be a
>       part of the surrender caucus, or I can fight for our country,"
>       Brooks concluded. "And that’s what I’m going to do. So on January
>       6, I’m going to object to the submissions of Electoral College
>       votes from various states that, in my judgment, have such flawed
>       election systems that their vote counts are unworthy of our
>       ratification in the United States Congress. What I need is a
>       United States Senator who will join me. If we have a House member
>       and a senator, then by golly, that forces a House vote and a floor
>       vote on whether to accept this systematically flawed election
>       system or to reject it. I want to reject it so that we can have an
>       honest and fair and accurate election.”
>       Watch:
>       ...
> ...and in case you have any difficulty understanding Mo's epic stake:
> the last remaining piece needed is one single (or better, many, along
> with additional reps - safety in numbers muffas) Republican senator(s)
> joining Mo in objecting to the electoral vote, and the presidency is
> flipped to the federal house, where the house votes on a basis of one
> state one vote, and the Republicans put Trump where he rightfully shall
> sit due to the true result of the 2020 election.
>   Ipso  fricken  facto  muff-a-ducktos :D
> We are but hours away muh fellow deplorable pesant scum :D
> …from discovering which Republican senator siezes maximal righteous
> brownie points by jumping on the Mo Brooks bandwagon.
> And take notice ALL Republicans reps and senators: y'all can join Mo
> Brooks and reclaim a little positive karma for ya mangey selves :)
> It's the first lesson of teamwork - DO NOT leave your team mates out on
> a limb.
> Who woulda thought it would take a stolen election to learn this basic
> lesson.  Better late than never..
> And in other heartwarming news, Allen West, Texas GOP leader Sets the
> Record Straight on 'Secession':
>    Texas GOP Leader Allen West Sets the Record Straight on 'Secession'
>    … Understandably disappointed that the high court wrongly claimed
>      Texas didn’t have “standing” to sue Georgia, Pennsylvania,
>      Michigan, and Wisconsin for unconstitutionally changing their
>      voting rules and procedures ahead of this year’s election – changes
>      that very likely affected the presidential outcome – West commented
>      that perhaps Texas should “bond together” with other “law-abiding
>      states.”
>      ...
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 07:17:42PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > Imagine a presidential announcement reading something like the
> > following:
> > 
> >    President Trump, though vested with authority to declare martial law,
> >    is pleased to announce that this declaration is also occasioned via
> >    the will of numerous federal and state governors, senators and
> >    representatives, who have petitioned him, and who hold that this path
> >    forward must be done to protect the United States of America.
> > 
> >    The military is now free/instructed to conduct a national election,
> >    with paper votes only, free from potential vote counting machine
> >    fraud, and where election and vote counting observers are by the
> >    authority and force of our esteemed military, are not stopped from
> >    doing their constitutional duties in relation to the election, under
> >    the protection of our military.
> > 
> >    dates etc...
> > 
> > 
> > IOW, the same old safety in numbers principle... in which the
> > Republicans seem to be getting a little practice lately (this is a good
> > thing - finally beginning to act like a team).
> > 
> > We shall not be a one man show.
> > 
> > There is plenty of time between now and 20th January 2021, for the
> > Republicans to rally behind a Trump declaration of martial law, and
> > for the USA military to subsequently conduct an election of integrity!
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > ----
> > OK, so, some of us have had it with "hero worship", and sometimes also
> > hero murder (Abe, JFK), syndrome.  The present moment in history is NO
> > LONGER the time for a lone Ulysses to plant his flag on the hill by his
> > lonesome self, claiming "glory for all mankind"!
> > 
> > Instead -this- moment in history is about many people each making their
> > small contribution to the greater good.
> > 
> > And so we SHALL NOT repeat the exact same footsteps of Abe Lincoln,
> > champion that he is - we have no need to fail to learn from history.
> > 
> > Abe, as with JFK. set back the globalist agenda.  So too does the cohort
> > such as it is of Republicans, simple conservatives, deplorables,
> > racists, sexists, soccer mums and BBQ dads, or in other words the motley
> > crew of "peasant scum" (“privileged” working class) that the "liberal"
> > "elite" look down upon with such disdain:
> > 
> >    ...  I will tell you this: there is nothing on this planet more
> >    bizarre than the fact that the ruling elite have chosen “privileged”
> >    as their favorite adjective with which to attack the working class as
> >    evil.
> > 
> >    It would be more accurate – and also funnier – if they just called
> >    Trump supporters “peasant scum.”
> > 
> >    Because, let’s be real here – that’s what every good liberal hears
> >    when they hear “racist” or “privileged.” The people who use these
> >    words point at working class people, who might even live in trailers,
> >    who have stupid looking facial hair, probably have an opioid problem
> >    (and if they don’t they’re probably more overweight than you are),
> >    probably consider Applebee’s “fine dining,” and are likely to be
> >    caught wearing a NASCAR t-shirt with their MAGA hat.
> > 
> >    Both “racist” and “privileged” are terms that people who consider
> >    themselves upper class use to describe people who they view as lower
> >    class. The nifty thing is that a person who is lower class by birth
> >    can become associated with the upper class by signaling using this
> >    language.
> >    ...
> >
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 02:13:45PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > > The subject line really ought to have said martial law rather than secession.
> > > 
> > > 
> > > On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 11:18:38AM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > > > A question of timely significance RIGHT NOW (as in, to ascertain BEFORE Monday morning) is:
> > > > 
> > > >  - How does the electoral college vote effect a sitting president's ("lame duck session") powers, if at all?
> > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > A closely related question is:
> > > > 
> > > >  - At what point in the "election cycle" did Abe Lincoln declare Martial Law?
> > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > "Ole Abe" set a precedent when he declared martial law, and he is today considered one of the greatest presidents known to history.
> > > > 
> > > > And it was not the declaration of martial law per sē, it was the declaration of martial law _for the right reasons_, i.e. for righteousness, justice, and the handling of criminals and despotism.
> > > > 
> > > > We would not want the opportunity for such an historic event today to stand for righteousness, justice, and for the handling of criminals and despotism, to be missed by president Trump due to some bullshit technicality like "standing" or "missed the date re power to declare".
> > > > 
> > > > As a final, if blindingly obvious note, the president would of course need to have those patriots who would be tasked with enforcing martial law, be on his side and ready, and willing, and able to enforce such declaration of martial law.  Primary such forces are the army, navy, and secondary forces may include citizens militias, and the national guard.
> > > > 
> > > > Citizens militias don't seem to be sufficiently public/ existent at this point in time.
> > > > 
> > > > Good luck,

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