DECRYPT - becoming human

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Tue Dec 29 18:45:59 PST 2020

> > There is no government that is so perfect as to not allow some portion
> > of monies and holdings to be petitionable and used by the People.
> Quite an interesting concept.
> Here and there, many utopian community attempts have been gifted land by a wealthy or land-holding benefactor, and such experiment in community begins again.
> They have (almost?) always failed - and from internal reasons, not "external govt clamp down", notwithstanding the Wacos...

It's true, because none of them had as sophisticated set of principles
and balance of power as the Constitution already.  I've adapted, in
fact, the Constitution to this end at, which hopefully
you can find, if interested.  Things like doubling the term if a
person gets re-elected and reverting to the original term if they
don't -- a self-organizing government that requires no oversight from


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