the words we use -- Re: UN invitation for Cypherpunks

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Dec 29 15:37:39 PST 2020

On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 04:20:34PM -0500, Karl wrote:
> I typed some but lost my email.  Punk, you might have to take it a
> little slower, for me.

Karl, Punk only responded to things you said.  If you want slower, it is up to you to type/say less things, less concepts, in your own emails.

Frankly, Punk in this thread has spoken clearly, and plainly.

Another trick for "slower" is to be quick to agree with things you do actually agree with (so far, you seem to treat conversations more like a game, where you appear more interested in winning points than in finding/acknowledging actual agreement - some people get tired of those games).

Also it appears you use certain foundation words from our language (such as "evil"), in ways different to how the majority of people use those words, at least generally/ colloquially/ normally.

It does not surprise me that you lose track, or get overwhelmed (wanting slower).

To the extent you use different definitions to most people for common words, you appear to be crazy, or at least "playing crazy", or manipulative, or possibly you are attempting to cope with your own "problems" (whatever you think they are).

As said, this game you play might be to you, for you, a useful coping (or survival) tool, but it seems clear that doing that does lead to communication problems, mainly for you (and by your own hand - i.e., you are the one confusing yourself, and losing track).

If at some point you wish to reduce your tendency to "lose track" in your conversations, an easy suggestion is as follows:

 1) Go back to using the common/normal definitions of words that other people use.

 2) Find new/ different/ more accurate words, for the concepts you wish to communicate about, rather than co-opting the normal words that other people use.

Doing those two things requires a little trust in others, since you might feel a little less in control since you are injecting less chaos into your conversations (with temporarily secret definitions of normal words that only you know about until you let others know the truth about the words you are using).

But trust is necessary if you seek more meaningful relationships and more productive/useful conversations.

(If you have difficulty finding a word that properly describes something you wish to communicate, such as your own definition of evil, consider using a combination phrase of 2 or more words.)

Good luck,

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