Yes, Super Gonorrhea Is Real and It's Gonna Get Worse!!! (was Re: Covid Crazies)

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Mon Dec 28 23:23:49 PST 2020

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020, 21:11 Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 <punks at> wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Dec 2020 20:58:29 -0300
> Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka at> wrote:
>         your character and role playing are getting old Cecilia.

Oh, probably because I am getting old too, my dear.  And maybe because it
> is _not_ a character.  It's just me.

> Now, here's chance for you to make an actual 'cypherpunk' post.

Yep, and I have several chances like this, in several places, all the days
and nights.  But I and my huge ego will choose the right moment, the
subject, the persona to be used, not you.

Eat chocolate, please.  Something yummy, some carbo, for Darwin' sake!  >:(

  Coderman was promoting cloudflare-NSA. Explain why coderman is working
> for the enemy.

 Juan, it would be f* illogical.  Are you forgetting I donated my f* DNA
for trying to save lives?!

Sh*t, I've already sold my soul to the devil, friend.  I was not joking or
creating new conspiracy theories just for fun.

I know it was f* f* f* stupid, but one single life can be much more
precious than mine.

Oliver Sachs, for example, could save the sanity and the life of one of my
best friends, but he is dead.  Fucking definitely dead.  And only thing I
can do for my friend is sending daily songs and music because the disease
is faster than his doctors, than my researches with three Medical School
students  (crazy volunteers who know about my insane reputation),  than all
my fears...

Can you imagine how I would feel without music or sounds?  My parents'
voice or the sound of the storms?  I love rain, but the storms have a
special place in my heart.  All the f* sounds have a special place in my
heart.  My friend only wants to hear his kids, his wife, his parents...  I
am much more worried about my sick friend, my parents, my siblings,
everybody who is really important for me than about "Oh, what the
Cypherpunks List will think about my wise cypherpunk magical colorful

We all know I fucked my whole life and compromised the security of some
operations "giving" my DNA, but unfortunately my f* stupid government got
it last year, anyway.  So, now I will destroy governments in my own way.
And maybe using my DNA!  ;)

Science, Juan.  It's my religion.  Always remember it.  Well, I almost
married with the Flying Spaghetti Monster blessings, but Pasta is
Perfection.  And Cooking is Science too!  :P

Even believing in Science, I can read coderman's mind right now:

"My 2019 was about staying away from people being negative...
My 2020 was about staying away from people being positive, uff..."
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