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> On Sun, 27 Dec 2020 15:06:37 -0500
> Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > >         So quote me saying anything that defends the western
> political-economic powers in any shape or form.
> >
> > here:
> > > > >     yes and the answer is : I'm not spewing any nazi-jew nonsense.
> Or
> > you're spewing conflict,
>         Again, provide quotations.

Casting people as evil is an American strategy of ignoring people different
from Americans, so you can sell the American way as freedom and luxury
without caring whom it hurts.  "Nazi", which you just said with accusation,
is a common enemy image taught in america.  "Jew" is held by a smaller
group as an enemy image in america.  "Nonsense" is a thought-stopping word
used in American media in ways that prevent people from listening to others.

These things don't mean you're trying to defend america, of course.  They
mean you end up doing so.

>         Whatever conflict there is comes from the fake libertarians/true

"Fake" : disregards expressions of others

> technocrats/outright agents. I gave pretty

"Agents": an enemy image held on this list

> concrete examples of the garbage they post,

" garbage": an American media term causing people to ignore the expressions
of others

> you ignored them.
"Ignored" : blaming me, spreads divisiveness

> > turning people against each other, which is  how my nation keeps the
> status quo.
>         So you cannot provide  evidence

"So, you cannot provide evidence" happens after I quoted you, is an
American political strategy of immediately changing the story, relies on
the short attention spans of the population to work

> showing that I promote evil and now you're

Here I see you trying to share honestly with me, but it's kind of over my
head because of my short attention span and naive trust =/  I want to
connect with you and I don't know how.

> just outright lying. The 'conflict' you want to

You seem to understand better than me that because behavior is obvious,

> avoid entails calling out the frauds on this list. I guess you want the
> frauds to be protected from 'conflict'?

Everybody is doing this.  All of us.  You need protection the most here,
because I tried to pin this murder on you.

        As to the way your nation keeps the status quo, they do it by
> commiting an endless string of all possible crimes from theft to mass
> murder to anything inbetween.

"Mass murder?  You don't murder your family members to make profit!  Oh!
Well I guess I'll be coming out on top, then."  Stop supporting our
criminal decadence by helping us compete in our community wargames.

And to state the obvious, I'm not doing anything of the sort. Last but not
> least, you're comparing me with the US nazi government? What is wrong with
> you.

I take such expressions seriously.  Gotta get off this list.

> >
> > >
> > >         FYI, unlike any of the other posters here, I've done my
> homework regarding liberal political philosophy and I can defend it. The
> other posters  however are either outright fascists or fake 'libertarian'
> posers.
> > it's rough to have to say everything backwards.  nobody ever understands
> you.
>         Hard to know what you mean. The frauds on this list understand me
> well.

When I was severely coerced I was forced to speak backwards and didn't
understand it.  Then I was only able to talk about my torture in the
language I was forced to learn, which denied it, and I got no help.

I don't understand frauds.

What you say doesn't make literal sense to me, but you saying that it is
the only way to talk was how my torturers talked.

> > > >     So hopefully the answer to your question shows how fucked this
> list is, and
> > > > > further shows that the problem has fuck to do with 'coding'.
> > > >
> > > > Why are we posting here?  You and I are posting here as part of a
> > > > brainwashing program, targetting the other hackers.
> > >
> > >
> > >         You and I are different persons, and are doing different
> things. And you obviously don't know what *I* am doing.
> >
> > With regard to what I'm a part of with you, I can't know.
>         you meant to type "you can* know"?

No.  Brainwashing teaches you not to know.

Regardless, the claim that 'we' are both part of a 'brainwashing program'
> is sheer nonsense. If you want to claim that YOU are

You're posting obsessively to a technofascist arpanet list, but I suppose
you are more deprogramming us than brainwashing us =)

Really it's one of things they do to targeted communities.  Expose them to
intensely different values while suppressing people that " straddle the
lines" value-wise, which disrupts the community handling the budding

part of such a program, feel free, but don't speak for me.

Just speaking for the spirit of America that we forced down your throat.

> > I'd force  myself to forget if I did.
> >
> > > > brainwashing program, targetting the other hackers.
> > >
> > >
> > >         Maybe you enjoy playing crazy, but you better not confuse your
> role playing with reality.
> >
> > Reality is way worse, and you know it.
>         Another  obscure remark.

Same to you.

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