Jacob Appelbaum and I agree Tim May is a fascist

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sun Dec 27 16:14:45 PST 2020

The case Tim " Mongo " May is a fascist began to emerge in the mid 90's when he failed to defend Jim Bell.  By late 2001 May was being called a phony anarchist on his own list. 
His bum-buddy, Eric Hughes, defected - not even a list bet on the death of Paul Wolfowitz could salvage the Mongs street cred. 
So then he blew his whole wad calling for the deaths of 20 million mud-people ( a post, shamefully reproduced for a while at CRYPTOME by that Marxist moron, John Young )
And since this Nazi pig embodied the Randite economic approach that also died along with him.

Unless you think REASON can give it some more mouth-to-arse resuscitation.

Not even Murray Rothbard thought anyone could do that.

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