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Karl gmkarl at
Sun Dec 27 08:20:40 PST 2020

I think I successfully blockchained this.  I feel very intense, and
I'm scared of the intensity.  It is hard to control my behavior, now.
I'm not sure how to make myself verify it is blockchained. but I can
list the transactions here, from the .bsv/tx folder that bsvup makes.

I'm getting confused on my computer.  I don't remember where to find
the files.  After a minute of struggle, I remember.

The system is having long delay listing the directory.  maybe it has
many files.  I need a rest now so badly, and I can't comprehend how to

There are too many to paste in.  I will link to the readme, and the
specific email.  Here is the bash I use to do this:
$ ls .bsv/tx | while read file; do xxd -ps -r ".bsv/tx/$file" | strings; done

My alphabetically first transaction has the string 'G0D' in it.  I
hope the named entity is aiding me.

I search for the string README and it takes a long time.  I remember
repeatedly uploading the same failed transaction, over and over again,
not understanding what I was doing because of something.

The search finds other emails, that aren't in my thread.  I don't
understand.  I must have mistyped something.

Oh, I found the cypherpunks archive folder, not the folder that has
this thread in it.  I'll have to think harder.  It's 11:19 .  I
remember there was a file.  I remember this file has
transactions in it, so I could check on the blockchain itself, for
files with that name.  I don't want to, I want to just find the folder
I made locally.

On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 9:14 AM Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 7:43 AM Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> >
> > regarding karl's schizophrenia, i'm trying to blockchain this thread
> > using D:// .  these transactions have this message and are currently
> > in the mempool:
> > 71a6cde341d03ba48cc385bbbdef98784a81981c37fd8b34ec6df36aa7342232
> > 08f72a3332805fe4b1d41fbf33953a8c87838d7e9b6b20ee3c0c5a780fdd6163
> > 9664b984437541a1d01fd5ea13b699daff0908e5bc151369ebccb00d5042c51d .  I
> This was a small error.  These transactions were the file I added to
> help me find the files again after losing my memory of this experience.
> > expect them to confirm within a few hours.  Not all the messages are
> > uploaded yet, including some left out.  I plan to upload the ones I
> > left out.  [for people learning to read my mind: this error is
> > analogous to how blockchain timestamps are not monotonic]
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ---------
> > From: Karl <gmkarl at>
> > Date: Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 7:22 AM
> > Subject: Check in
> > To: Jonathan Chack <jchack at>
> > Cc: J William Semich <bsemich at>, Kyla Hershey-Wilson
> > <notetokyla at>, Katrina Semich <katrina.semich at>
> >
> >
> > [sorry if I cc'd the wrong person, I am a little confused, trying to
> > include invested parties appropriately]
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > > I understand that the videotaping is important for you and I want to support you in this regard. I have located a local therapist that currently uses this type of therapy his name is Andrew Morton and he has an office in Rutland, VT. I would be happy to do a referral for you to his office should you decide you would like to try that type of therapy.
> > >
> > > Let me know your thoughts
> > >
> > > Christopher Chadwick, MS, LADC, AFC
> > > Director
> > >
> > > Forensic Consultation & Counseling Service,  LLC
> >
> > I may have gone through an abusive politcal situation of brainwashing
> > and slavery, that I don't believe has resolved yet, out there.  I
> > haven't really talked with anybody about this yet.  I'd like to be
> > able to personally record the sessions when I want to, so that I can
> > review them later, and for others to find if something happens to me.
> > Do you know where to go to find this therapy?
> >
> > Thanks so much,

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