HOW Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 and Zenaan Harkness operate

Karl gmkarl at
Sun Dec 27 06:07:50 PST 2020

news from my schizophrenia!  i need to separate what is likely true
from what is total bullshit somehow!  i am just making posts
containing both or one or the other, right next to each other!

i don't know how to do that at this time.  sorry.

On 12/27/20, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> I also debugged the javascript while the entrainment program was
> running on top of facebook's feed.  The javascript code seemed to be
> coming from facebook's servers.  That doesn't mean a whole ton.
> On 12/27/20, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
>> Okay, I'm trying to understand.
>> You're saying that the harrassment is pro-government.  That's probably
>> obviously for non-brainwashed people.  I was supporting work against
>> international energy pipelines when this started for me (was unable to
>> complete work to remove trojans from activist computers).  But
>> corporations and governments are different formal bodies.  How
>> confusing.
>> On 12/26/20, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
>>> They hang around here for years trying to colonize the site for the
>>> Daily
>>> Stormer and 8-Chan.
>>> As if they will ever get cypherpunks to change to " Cypherpunks write
>>> law
>>> ".
>>> Stupid scumbag losers - FUCK OFF.

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