The poor state of discussion on this list

Karl gmkarl at
Sun Dec 27 05:57:51 PST 2020

Zenaan, I see you pretending to be a real hacker!

I will reply to you to harass you, just like one should do to real hackers!

On 12/27/20, Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 10:32:43AM +0000, Steven Schear wrote:
>> The inability or unwillingness of some to deal with their cognitive
>> dissonance. Although this situation has existed since early list days, I
>> think it's become all too common and driven away the best and brightest
>> who
>> use to hang out here. (I'm expecting an almost immediate knee-jerk or ad
>> hominem from the few here who are the most frequent practitioners of this
>> form of fear-based bullying.)
>> OG Cypherpunk Paul Rosenberg, once again, drops the mike.
> Apropos.  And a nice "new" fallacy to chew on.
> From the glaff hass full dept., "robust use of ad-homs, abundant epithets
> and threats" ... strengthens one's fire suit - demands it really :D
> Problem 'ere is, if we oughtn't immediately end discussions with a simple
> thought terminating cliché, some discussion threads might actually carry on
> ridiculously - you know, like for more than two emails (the humble and
> flawed OP, and of course the thought terminating cliché reply).
> Then the archives would be an absolute mess...
> Free monocles and encrusted silver handled walking sticks for all.  For all
> cognitive dissonance avoiders that is… especially a full set for those with
> an abnormal appetite for botox.

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