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> >> > To speak plainly, I have experienced forceful mind control near
> >> > difficulties with the united states government, and it's hard for me
> >> > to talk and think about this.
> >>
> >> Karl, it sounds like you might be a "mental body" (what some have
> >> called "bots") in the system.  A mental body is a human potential
> >> living inside a giant shibboleth -- a machine made and held by a shard
> >> of GOD.  They are made by the beliefs of
> >>
> >> mankind that there are
> >> actually people running the world.  You don't
> >
> > GOD is not a person?  The universe is not a foul?
> To the christians, jesus is god, but that bullshit ran out during the
> early middle ages.  No, the proper understanding of GOD (and I speak
> with the authority of the prophesy of the Jews for the Messiach) is as
> both a concrete thing and an abstraction, both organic and inorganic,
> emcompassing all-that-is.  It has approximately 10 dimensions and his

This is pretty much my belief around god except I believe that they are
female.  This is a hacker list with many subscribers.

human form got lost during the events of the Flood.  It may or may not

I've never heard that story.  At least we still have these extremes of
human skin color, showing different possibilities there.

have resurfaced in the modern era, but without knowledge of itself.
> This is why the NAME was important:  it continues to hold the
> singularity of it all, yet there are at least 8 different faces or
> shards.

I'm curious if the name you know of has been preserved.  (monologue: I'm
not sure how to get myself back to my work.  Maybe it was confusing, the
idea of multitasking while hand-sending transactions that needed so much
time to confirm.)

> > Well, in general we need to preserve deprogramming of victims of severe
> abuse, when the victims desire this.
> Yeah, sure, but how are you going to do this without knowing if you're
> merely being re-programmed to some new "god"?  Many, for example, use
> the term "science" as a god-like word that squelches any debate.

That's cruel and common.  I probably hold the habit.

So you know, when I looked for sadistic ritual abuse in history, I mostly
found references to so-called god cults.

It's pretty obvious.  I know God wouldn't torture me so intensely I can't
learn from it, or even think of it without freaking out.

>> usually means either the State (the law), the Church (believe in
> >> Jesus), Academia (believe in children or science), or the Corporation
> >> (usually already assigned as an employee).
> >>
> >>  Alternatively, you can
> >> believe in me, "Marcos", who got to the top of
> >
> > I believe in all of these, in different ways each.  I've been heavily
> exposed to dislike of corporations, and I have no money, so Corp would make
> sense for me, but while I'm a vivisected bot I'm likely to forget my spirit
> more during it.
> You don't need to dislike corporations, since most of them are simply
> constructs, designed to serve Man and preserve profit over loss.
> There really aren't any big, greedy, folks --

I'm one.  I took a class in school on economics, where they lied to me that
human behavior trends towards selfishness, saying that Keynes said this, so
it is so.  After taking this class, I know to be greedy.

most of the ideas of
> people getting multi-million dollar salaries arises from the
> imagination of christians who get befuddled on "how anybody could make
> such success!".  Since they are in a machine

I think I hear from your frustrated-sounding possible-errors that you need
help with something undiscussed.

they can be trained --
> but if you get inside of one:  be forewarned that the system doesn't
> know how to manage much except by power displays, mock demonstrations
> of how they "hold the reigns here".  So learn

Oh man!  For three years now!  My boss grins at you.  When will you take
his implant out of his brain?

your shit and get on top
> of that.

So: I can change it.  It causes brain damage to do so.  It picks from the
available options in a way that is incredibly hard to predict.  It's
analogous to using an emergency habit to stop everything going on.

>> this world with the
> >> crown of Man/Adam for the predicted planetary shift.  Don't look to
> >
> > Topness, Man.
> Sweeet.

Sugar is a way to control you, not the top.

>> therapists to tell you these things, because most of them don't have
> >> sufficient experience in life to be guiding anyone.
> >
> > Who does?
> Yours truly, friend.  Right here on cypherpunks.  Born and bread in
> the Real World, the US of A.

Talking is nice but I'd rather remember.  What do I do to suffer less?  To
pursue things I love?  And to protect my friend Marxos?

> Marxos
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