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Sat Dec 26 10:00:54 PST 2020

I'm on my phone.  I'm not consenting to being away from my attempt to
blockchain my emails regarding trying to find a brainwashing therapist.
Sounds like I'll want to find one who's good with publishing the
recordings, too.

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> > ...
> > did you sign one?
> no, however i have asked for the SF-86's from the OPM hack to be publicly
> dumped - this

I'm not familiar with SF-86 or OPM.  Do you mean that, even though you
haven't agreed to anything, that after something you've done, how you
communicate may have changed or could change?

would allow for open source projects working on privacy enhancing
> technologies to avoid potential conflicts of interest or subterfuge from
> contributors.

You're saying that if we supported your request (maybe by showing it is
important and making that very public), it would basically protect from
severe disruption in a way generalizeable to all open source efforts?

> still waiting on that dump, of course :)
> best regards,
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