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\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 09:51:22 PST 2020

> > I looked this up and it sounds like an oppressive regime is synonymous
> > with a government, punk.
> To speak plainly, I have experienced forceful mind control near
> difficulties with the united states government, and it's hard for me
> to talk and think about this.

Karl, it sounds like you might be a "mental body" (what some have
called "bots") in the system.  A mental body is a human potential
living inside a giant shibboleth -- a machine made and held by a shard
of GOD.  They are made by the beliefs of mankind that there are
actually people running the world.  You don't need therapy, you just
have to follow one of the stable Institutions that exist.  This
usually means either the State (the law), the Church (believe in
Jesus), Academia (believe in children or science), or the Corporation
(usually already assigned as an employee).   Alternatively, you can
believe in me, "Marcos", who got to the top of this world with the
crown of Man/Adam for the predicted planetary shift.  Don't look to
therapists to tell you these things, because most of them don't have
sufficient experience in life to be guiding anyone.


\0xD, aka Marxos.

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