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regarding karl's schizophrenia, i'm trying to blockchain this thread
using D:// .  these transactions have this message and are currently
in the mempool:
9664b984437541a1d01fd5ea13b699daff0908e5bc151369ebccb00d5042c51d .  I
expect them to confirm within a few hours.  Not all the messages are
uploaded yet, including some left out.  I plan to upload the ones I
left out.  [for people learning to read my mind: this error is
analogous to how blockchain timestamps are not monotonic]

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[sorry if I cc'd the wrong person, I am a little confused, trying to
include invested parties appropriately]


> I understand that the videotaping is important for you and I want to support you in this regard. I have located a local therapist that currently uses this type of therapy his name is Andrew Morton and he has an office in Rutland, VT. I would be happy to do a referral for you to his office should you decide you would like to try that type of therapy.
> Let me know your thoughts
> Christopher Chadwick, MS, LADC, AFC
> Director
> Forensic Consultation & Counseling Service,  LLC

I may have gone through an abusive politcal situation of brainwashing
and slavery, that I don't believe has resolved yet, out there.  I
haven't really talked with anybody about this yet.  I'd like to be
able to personally record the sessions when I want to, so that I can
review them later, and for others to find if something happens to me.
Do you know where to go to find this therapy?

Thanks so much,

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