Cryptoanarchy at 32

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Dec 25 23:28:26 PST 2020

The so-called " American Century " barely lasted till 2005 when Normies finally outnumbered Merkins online for the first time.  Cryptoanarchy also took a giant step forward in 2003 when the pentagon effectively endorsed APster and Charles K. Rhodes began applying cryptographic methods to cosmology. 
The one-two punch of Wikileaks and Btc then prompted the first call for the USG to surrender to the internet. This was made in 2010 and repeated every year since - with some extra onerous conditions placed in the last few years.
Btc's breakthroughs in 2017 and this year provide yet more evidence that cryptoanarchy is taking over from the US as a sole hyperpower and fascist scum like Pooter and Xi Jinping have been placed on death-lists. There is no other alternative to the present Wilsonian world order.
Anarchism fits the web. Anarchism works. Anarchism has a profound and important back-story as well as its compelling forward narrative thrust. Technological determinism and even quantum-mechanics keep reaffirming and vindicating anarchism. The future keeps happening and quantum computing virtually guarantees it will be cryptoanarchist.
Always bet on black ( flag ) and don't be afraid of the dark. 

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