Fighting crony capitalism, via this blockchain project

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Dec 24 20:26:04 PST 2020

If you are working on any ’ Blackbox ’ or complex Rube Goldberg-type device for assisting the cyberspatial realization of anarchism then you may be barking up the wrong tree. Try FOSS, crowdsourcing and open-source. For anarchists how things are done is as important as what things get done and cypherpunks are primarily about privacy for the poor - transparency for the powerful.
Freehold land registry blockchains are even counter-revolutionary and will all be destroyed.

Asfaik the worst recent atrocity by crony capitalists was when they violently repressed democratic Hong Kong with brute force. So we may need the USG forces to keep these fascist pigs in check till the Chinese masses rise up again. 
Centering ' GovCorp ', or the worlds worst capitalists, just in the US is worse than a crime - its a category error.

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