Fighting crony capitalism, via this blockchain project

Mr. Aaron Nonimously annonymous201995 at
Thu Dec 24 19:08:10 PST 2020

This is about a project that will launch soon to:
Fight the specific crony capitalism layer on the economy (and leave the
healthy economy).

I’m looking for 2 people in the USA and 2 people outside of the USA.  They
would run blockchain “mining nodes” software on a server.  This is needed
to start the blockchain mining node.

Here is how it works:
1. It works by outputting a RIGGED ECONOMY THEFT REPORT.  This is
calculated to OUT every part of the economy that is rigged by crony

2. This works by citizen investigators doing a ~3 page text file write-up
on one part of the economy being rigged.

3. Examples:
   a) 2008 mortgage crisis, savings and loan bail outs, LTCM bailouts, etc.
   b) Panama papers, offshore tax evasion by the wealthy
   c) USA mega corps pay near zero in taxes, while having huge profits.
   d) pharma is rigged
   e) 20+ have been found in Wall Street / Finance / Banking that “maybe”
have been rigged at some point
      i) AIG, rating agencies
     ii) LIBOR
     iii) Eliot Spitzer found a list
     iv) far more…
    f) Many more industries...

4. Any citizen can act like a “citizen investigator”.  On our open source
software, they submit a text file (YAML) that gives justification for
rigged/crony capitalism in one specific part of the economy. Different
versions by different people for each area.  Voting by citizen picks the
best in each area.

5. An economic model approximates the amount “stolen” in each area (rigged
means NOT free market rates with full competition).

6.  A strong system to validate citizen voter registration to make sure
only one-vote per citizen.  Votes are confirmed by citizens to only count
for the country they are citizens of.

7. A report is outputted for each part of the economy.  Pharma, Wall Street
/ Finance, etc.

8. The amount ripped off/stolen for each part of the economy is generated
from citizen votes.  Pharma, Wall Street / Finance, etc.

9. A full economy rigged report is created for each country. Total amount
stolen.  3 page summaries on each part of the economy.

10. This creates direct democracy to show where lobbyists create a rigged
economy from crony capitalism.  This project isn’t complaining about a
normal economy of free-market rates with competition.

This will be:
a) Open source software
b) Data is stored on the blockchain with smart contracts.

We will have our own “mining nodes” that are open-source software.

We are looking for 2 people outside of the USA to run a node each.  And 2
more in the USA to run nodes.

Please reply directly to me if you would be willing to help.  It can run on
a $30/mo server (hostgator, digital ocean, etc.).  Donations will come in
overtime to pay you back for running a server.

It will only take about 4 hours per year to maintain it.  It just runs
without requiring labor.

Please reply if you could be open to running one of these mining nodes.

Thanks.  Sincerely,
We are anonymous.
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