Cryptocurrency: DEX and for Privacy [was: Dead Mans Hand again]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Dec 22 22:40:28 PST 2020

On 12/22/20, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
> We've compiled a short and sweet list of the top poker sites accepting
> bitcoin that serve U.S. players and other offshore customers:
> Ignition Poker.
> BetOnline / SB Poker.
> Bovada.
> Intertops.
> Americas Cardroom / BlackChip / True Poker.
> Grand Poker.
> SwCPoker.

Bodog is Calvin Ayre aka: BSV Craig "not Satoshi" Wright's papi.
An which of them operate onions, not that it matters.

That's an old news.

Now for the real gambling...

Where are all the cryptocurrency exchanges operating
"offshore" on the Secret Islands of anonymous encrypted
distributed uncensorable overlay networks represented
in legacy first gen implementation form by .onion,
or even the less used .i2p?

Onionland... Many tens of drug, physible, and digible marts,
all manner of crypto nodes, and censored talk,
but hardly ever a real matching engine crypto exchange.

Nor any competitors to, or users on, distributed
cross-coin DEX such as BlockDX and the like
(just a bunch of clearnet centralized ERC-20 only
fake DEX sucking up all the air in the fake coin news).

Just like the lack of needed privacy and chainless coins,
this imbalance of available exchange and DEX services
in the universe needs rectified ASAP.

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