USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Tue Dec 22 05:51:02 PST 2020

News from the Biden Crime, Drug Addict, Corrupt, Prosecution Dodging,
Compromised, Democrat Syndicate of Lols...
Caroline Biden, daughter of James Biden, was busted in Lower Merion
Township, Pa., in August 2019
As her Uncle Joe Biden campaigned for president, the case took more
than a year crawling through the Pennsylvania courts. Her arraignment
was held on Nov. 4 2020 one day after the presidential election.
A court spokesperson insisted the date was auto-generated and its
post-election timing was coincidental.

If Joe Biden gets in just bet that the PA DA that let Caroline Biden,
the $100k fraudster, drug addict, and now DUI convict off easy
will get nice appointment to Fed Attorney or Judgeship. Sweet Caroline rages against machine

Recall that one time when admitted Socialist NYC Mayor
Bill deBlasio's drug addict daughter Chiara got arrested,
covered up and redacted, and let off easy for throwing
rocks with BLM+Antifa.
BdB now wants to "redistribute wealth to solve racism",
which certainly won't include giving his own $2.5M wealth
perhaps jointly held with his Black wife, to anyone for
40 and mule, nor to lift up poor white republicans being
discriminated by BLM attack in Dems shining examples
of model big city hoods such as Detroit and Baltimore... Kimberly Klacik Kimberly Klacik
Btw she lost "bigly (a Trump word)" to a 72yo former NAACP President
who got sacked from that job for sexual harassment costing them $100k. Kamala Scam in the Closet,
skinfolk aint kinfolk Kamala Lame Duck Kamala Full of shit Kamala Falls Flat Kamala Lift Up Biden Identity Politics
picked Slaveowner

Kamala Harris, of immigrant Indian and Jamaican parents,
not an Asian, nor multigenerational american Black, thus
having no "standing" in their court, is out demoing her new fake
southern drawl while pandering for POC's this week in GA to steal
the GA runoff vote, while having as CA prosecutor enslaved
black prison inmates as chain gang hazmat work crews to
feed state coffers. That idea must come from her Keynesian
professor of "economics" daddy who left her, so not love but weird
Govt force is her "vaccine for racism", but only if she gets permission
from Obama the puppetmaster of senile Joe Biden.
Both Biden and Kamala seem angry ragers exemplar btw.

Politicians news... as highlighted from whatever YouTube Wikipedia and
the News says.
Few known to do much "solve" any of that, so pick your fave politicians
from around the world, search the tubes, and have fun with their news.

But next time you're out, sprinkle some crypto voluntaryism around the hood,
it's a better more self-assured way up outta there than lying politicians.

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