Batshit Crazy Palantir

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Mon Dec 21 00:01:01 PST 2020

professor turd <pro2rat at> wrote:

> Palantir paid Pando media. Yasha Levine worked for Pando media. Batshit crazy likes and respects Nazbol Turd, Yasha Levine. 

	lawl, I don't like the russian jew, now morphed into US 'lefty' levine, just like I don't like jakobo appelbaum nor any other similar asshole. Still, levine earns more points than you because at least he's not a piece of technofascist shit.

	As to 'pando media', it's the sort of joke you can expect from some US feminazi cunt prending to 'speak truth to the new power'. 

	Mafias like tor, the eff, pando and the like are marginally useful when they engage in infighting or publish 1 true article out of 100, because they have to add a shred of truth to their propaganda, to give it a shred of credibility.

	Anyway, I shouldn't  be wasting this much time replying to you. 

ps: that living abortion thiel is exactly your ideal of techno-libertarian. You shouldn't badmouth your ideological masters. Sorry, I mean, your employer. 

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