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"I think WikiLeaks and I think Assange, they're essentially anarchists
and they know, just like a lot of people voting for Trump know,
that he's their human Molotov cocktail and they want to blow up the
system. It's an anarchic move. -- Michael Moore, Socialist, 2016-10-28"

"As badly as we were treated in Georgia by the 'Republican' Governor
and 'Republican' Secretary of State, we must have a massive victory
for two great people, [Loeffler and Perdue], on January 5th.
I will be having a big Rally for them on Monday night, January 4th. WIN!"

"Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election.
Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!"

"We won the Presidential Election, by a lot.
FIGHT FOR IT. Don't let them take it away!"  #Trump2020
A former judge from Wisconsin, who is now representing the Trump
campaign in the state, told lawmakers this week that he believes
intimidation by the left has prevented lawyers and judges from
accepting and hearing election fraud cases.

"We have to acknowledge that the court system has been deeply
intimidated by the left, just as the lawyers have been intimidated,"
James Troupis told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental
Affairs Committee on Wednesday. "And that's a sad, sad state of
affairs." Matt Gaetz
So on January 6, I'm joining with the fighters in the Congress and
we are going to object to electors from states that didn't run clean
elections," Gaetz told a crowd during the first day of the Turning
Point USA's Student Action Summit.
"I had a chance to speak to coach Tuberville just moments ago and he
says we are done running plays from the establishment's losing
playbook and it's time to fight, Gaetz said.
"Now coach Tubervillve went for it a lot on fourth down when he was
coaching at Auburn. They called him the Mississippi riverboat gambler.
The odds may be tough, it may be fourth and long but we're going for
it on January 6."

During the Senate hearing, Troupis, one of the witnesses,
explained why he decided to represent the campaign in their
effort to challenge election results when many lawyers refused.
He said that he believes many prominent law firms did not want
to participate in the election lawsuits due to a fear of
retaliation by the left.

“One of the reasons I was called because virtually every major
law firm in this country and in this city refused to represent
the president. Not because of the lack of merit in his
claims—we’ve certainly demonstrated that there’s merit—but
because of the cancel culture,” Troupis said.

“Because of the environment that has been created by the left
that has intimidated lawyers so that they can’t be here. They’re
not here, from the giant law firms, precisely because they
were ordered by their management committees and others that,
‘You cannot take those cases. The reasons you cannot take those
cases is because our clients, or the Democrat party, or the
incoming administration will remember that and they will hold
it against you.'”

He added, “As a former judge, I was so incensed by that.”

This comes as other lawyers representing the president and his
campaign have revealed that they have been harassed or threatened
following their decision to take up election cases.

One of the lawyers, Linda Kern, who has since withdrawn from
a Pennsylvania case, had to be placed under official protection
after receiving “threats of harm.” Kern revealed in November
that she had “been subjected to continuous harassment in the
form of abusive emails, phone calls, physical and economic
threats, and even accusations of treason—all for representing
the President of the United States’ campaign in this litigation.”

Kern said that some of the harassment came from a lawyer from
an opposing firm—Kirkland & Ellis, which is representing
defendants in the election case—who left a minute-long voicemail
that “falls afoul of the standards of professional conduct.”
Another Kirkland lawyer defended his firm, saying that the
call was “discourteous and not appropriate” but disagreed with
Kern’s characterization. The firm eventually withdrew from the

Similarly, Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis said she’s
received “hundreds” of threats, including anonymous phone
calls, since taking up election cases

Despite the difficulties, many Trump campaign lawyers and
attorneys from third-party lawsuits are pushing forward with
their legal challenges seeking to invalidate certain ballots
until concerns over potential fraud are transparently and
independently addressed.


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