Cryptocurrency: $24200 ATH Headlines

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Sun Dec 20 00:20:44 PST 2020

Bitcoin Right Now
My proposal for the satish symbol, still looks like the old school
'S', it's quick and easy to write and it has 8 points representing 1
sat being in the eighth decimal place of 1 bitcoin
Bitcoin Trading
Need Karma to post on coinbase
Someone transferred $165,000,000 in #bitcoin and paid a fee of
0.00006520BTC or about $1.20 One dollar and twenty cents. That's a
transaction fee of 0.00000072% No 3rd party needed to facilitate this.
Nobody could stop it. Nobody can reverse this.
Potentially one of the biggest news stories in crypto history, Andrew
Yang rumored to be named secretary of commerce
Bitcoin surpasses $20,000, setting another all-time high*
I made this for my boyfriend and he says he feels seen
Bull Run // Beeple - artist
Trump is reportedly considering pardon for Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht
Simple BTC price ticker with E Ink display
I made this for 20K, but can't wait anymore :-)
Bitcoin trying to hit that $20K like...
Downvote me all you want but I'm selling
Pornhub Might Have To Push Bitcoin Adoption After Mastercard and VISA Ban
BTC IS BACK AT $19000, a few hundred from its ATH!
I certainly didn't expect to see a headline like this from mainstream press.
24% of all existing dollars were printed in the last 12 months.
So I took part in 14 airdrops reportedly worth '$2,827.90'..
We should adopt that S-thing we all used to draw in school as the
symbol to denote Satoshis
To the moon please
HODL Bitcoin
Bitcoin Is Now Accepted By All Pizza Hut Outlets In Venezuela
Rohan Grey, advisor to the Democrat Congress Reps who put forth a new
bill to ban stablecoins, is advocating to ban running blockchain
nodes. We should demand that Stanford and the UN ICT agency sever all
connections to him. What he is advocating is absolutely totalitarian
and monstrously evil
Well, if this isn't bloody bullish, then I don't know what is: The
Queen of England is expressing an interest in blockchain.
PayPal CEO Says Now Is the Time for Cryptocurrencies to Go Mainstream
Don't you love it how 19k has become so boring for us already? Each
morning i wake up and see 19xxx i'm like meh... LoL.. This is the
miracle of bitcoin; gets you greedy so quickly. your dreams became
bigger, and it give you hope for the next day starting. Btw nothing is
inside no need to click :)
PayPal permanently banned my account due to CryptoCurrency buy/sells
being treated as "item SALES" this thread is for others to be aware
and to hopefully help all of us recover THIS IGNORANCE FUELED
Once bitcoin hits 100k, I'll open a museum featuring tweets of all the
nocoiners hating it Face throwing a kiss
35% of all US dollars in existence have been printed in 10 months.
Monday Art - Stoxart
The probability of getting rich in six months is low, and the risk is
high. The probability of getting rich in six years is high, and the
risk is low(ish).
Just want to say Congratulations to all the HODLers
ETH2.0 Launched
Wholesome FBI
Eth2 Deposit Contract has reached 100%
BTC smashes $23,000. Is at $23,500 now as I type.
Bitcoin gave me hope
Bitcoin users when the price drops before almost hitting 20k
Bitcoin weekly summary...
Its just toying with us...
Pornhub says "Now Accepting Crypto Only"
Coin holder since 2013
The final boss is approaching
40% of Americans don't have $400 in the bank for emergency expenses.
I put many, many, many hours into the creation of this video... Why Bitcoin Matters Why
You Should Care Economical Ethical And Technological Perspective

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