Cryptocurrency: Homomorphic / Privacy / Censorship / QSC / PQC / Quantum / AI

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Dec 19 23:31:33 PST 2020


PQC already in sample applications for testing...
zcash, openssl tls, curl, nginx, haproxy, ...

Just as first generation coins are mostly going obsolete,
those not considering integration of PQ safe, and
strong cryptographic homomorphic and statistical privacy,
into nextgen cryptos today, for the advances and users
of 2030 2040 ... should expect their onchain value and
privacy to be subject to such future risks.

99+% of all 4000+ cryptocurrencies today provide
zero effective privacy, zero quantum resistance,
and zero distribution against censorship.

Worse than cash, gold, fiat, barter goods.

That's pathetic.

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