intention aerials butterfly this quantum reality substrata - 7 days hard core attention - prayer warriors for Christ - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Dec 18 03:47:58 PST 2020

We live a pivotal moment, right now.

Intention is the butterfly's magical wand.

You be an aerial in this "reality" - electrically, optically, bound as
a lorenzian butterfly to the quantum fabric of creation and swimming in
this Earth's larger geomagnetic fields, sometimes sensing the emanations
of others, yet always emanating you, to the world.

  7 day dicta if you will, beginning now:

     - Hold pure intention

     - A beacon of truth, righteousness and justice

     - That heaven may be brought to Earth

This world, our shared world needs you, right now, for the next 7 days.

As you slip, gently bring your attention back to this 7 day journey of
consciousness (it's a joy, not a burden) - hold within your mind, your
highest aspirations for all.

Stand on your unshakable ground-plane of principle, your truth, your
rock, your mission which is for you worthy to contemplate, to form
within your consciousness, in love, gently, a tiny seed which may in
time form and grow into a seedling to be watered and eventually shared.

Water that seed with your gentle attention, love and prayer, for 7 days
beginning now.

>From this our unshakable ground plane, you will naturally transmit
simple truth and goodness without necessarily saying anything, simply
being, and holding in your consciousness that which you would want in
the greater picture for yourself and others.

Be grateful for the ability to hold such thoughts and conceptions in
your consciousness.

Your truth thus held in your consciousness will on some level resonate
out to our brothers and sisters also sharing their existence in this

We hold in our being, the possibility to be something greater than we
are, something magical and calm and peaceful and real.

So if you will, join with others in living that part of us which can
conceive, can behold, and can place and sustain attention on a
conception of goodness, purity and love.

For those who contemplate, if you will then do so for this week.

For those who meditate, if you will then do so for this week.

For those who pray, if you will then do so for this week: pray for that
which you know in your heart to be good, right, kind and true; pray to
our Creator that it's plan for us be made known to us, that heaven be
brought to Earth, and that the righteous be lifted into positions of
authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

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