USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Dec 18 01:10:37 PST 2020

Two more lawsuit link aggregators...

Nearly 40 states sue Google alleging search manipulation, marking the
third antitrust salvo against the tech giant.

Search youtube for people searching for various things
and getting different results. Hundreds of examples.

Know the same Google is behind YouTube that has long since
been well proven to demonetize, derank, censor, delete, ban
everyone from Libertarians to Republicans to Apologists,
Researchers, Activists, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, and more...
all sorts of people, for *speaking*... an endless list of great
Free Speech, quarantined and gone forever.

Yet... Oh no, there was no such Election Manipulation
by Big Tech, Social Media, News Media, no no no,
doesn't happen, never happened!

Easily 5% of all votes were tilted to Biden-Dems as
result of those actors combined actions over four years.
Trump's generic name for that problem is "Fake News".
He's right... ask Walter Cronkite.

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