Cypherpunk 2027 - six years at full warp

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Dec 17 19:15:47 PST 2020

professor rat - 2 minutes ago 

Anarcho-anarchist cypherpunk, Matt Taylor, see’s no end to the exploding cryptoanarchy, after anticipating its main features in 2001.
In 2010 he began demanding the USG surrender power to the web. In 2014 he made a strategic investment in Btc, then, the following year, theorized " Split-key-cosmology “using PKI as a powerful metaphor for the entire universe. Taylor is now working at ramping-up cryptoanarchy in order to approach " Cypherpunk 2027” at full warp. Feel the power - live the dream. Beyond is anything.

Above is predicated on earlier c-punks promulgating ' cyber liberty ' more than anything recognizably anarchist. The difference between a Randite-Paultard Moron like Mongo and an anarchist revolutionary like Jim Bell. 
But I could change ' anticipating ' to firmly restating, if youse like. As Jim just showed us there is no privileged frame of reference from which to judge reality. 

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