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Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:

> > 	The MAIN point is that there isn't any 'denigration' of james donald. He's a piece of right-wing shit and evil as fuck.
> And you call that communication.

	yes, it's concise and to the point. 

> May be you cound assume he believes what he says and instead say something like "he is completely deluded" ??
	He's not deluded, he is evil as fuck. Also, it wouldn't really matter if he's 'deluded'. He's still responsible for what he says. 

> And who gives a crap if James is right or wrong in his opinion about the possibility of civil war?!  The more likely outcome might be martial law - but who knows.

	sure martial law.  Because  your fascist faction 'lost'. 

> > now he's (apparently) running away...from his 'high profile' domain. ha ha ha.
> Again, you call this "communication"?

	yes. Evil fucktard donald is being mocked. And you seem to be upset about it. And that it turns shows where you stand. 

> You basically continue to project that "he" (in this case James, but in all cases it is some external authority other than your own self) is not doing enough, is saying the wrong things, is teaching the wrong things, is deluded about the future.

	yes, 99% of the stuff posted on this list is highly biased garbage. Look at the hundreds of messages that trumpofascists like you and grarpamp spammed. Or look at the spam comming from technofascist, musk cocksucker,  bell. Et cetera. 

> When you're not putting up your own experiences, then you're little more than an armchair bitch, since YOU are not on the field!

	countering the garbage you and the rest of 'deluded' assholes say is obviously way more valuable that posting the garbage in the first place. And posting garbage is all you do. 

> James is to at least some minimal degree, on the field, he made use of his domain to run his blog, to inform others in relation to certain facts and certain interpretations of those facts.

	sure being a fascist propaganda agent is a virtue. In your 'deluded' world at least. 

> He may or may not have had some sense of fulfilment from doing so (it might have been an utterly thankless task) but in any case, that is all for him to ultimately judge.
> Fact is he  ACTUALLY did that - he ran an 'educational' (for whatever it's worth) blog.

	he ran a fascist, white supremacist blog. And you are on his side.  So enough time wasted with you. 

> So, what have you done muh nigger?

	I haven't run a fascist, white supremacist blog. 

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