Ivermectin: Was: Re: Chloroquine is "highly effective" at inhibiting reproduction of Novel Coronavirus nCov in cell culture.

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>>New Developments regarding Ivermectin.  (not to be confused with "Avermectin".


>i've de-wormed horses with this :P

>glad to know i can head to the feed store in a covid pinch...

Yes, I first became aware of Ivermectin in maybe 2014, when I saw that it was the main ingredient in 'ant-bait', ant-killer.   So, I noticed it when many months ago, they started talking about it against COVID-19.   I just bought a dozen tubes from Amazon, in a form intended as a horse-de-wormer.   It says it tastes like apples!  Yum!

Would I take anything else?   I say, "Nay!!!"   (Neigh!!!)
          Jim Bell  
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