Amazing example of fake news/jew propaganda.

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Tue Dec 15 11:15:55 PST 2020

exhibit A

	"A new document containing the details of 12,000 Nazis who fled to Argentina has been published after it was discovered in an old storage space in Buenos Aires."

exhibit B

	"The names of 12,000 Nazis living in Argentina have been revealed by a newly-discovered list found in an old storage room, researchers say." 
	(Ok so the english cunts are even more retarded and their nazis are STILL ALIVE. Priceless)

	Now, here's the 'source' for the two shit-articles above :

	And oops, nowhere it says  "12000 nazis fled to argentina". What it says : 

	"During the 1930s, the pro-Nazi military regime....welcomed a growing Nazi presence in Argentina.
	Up until 1938...there was an official figure of 1,400 members of the NSDAP/AO (the German National Socialist Party / Foreign Organization), based in Argentina, with 12,000 supporting members of the cover-up “Unión Alemana de Gremios” (the German Union of Syndicates) " 

	So that's where the '12000' figure comes from. There were allegedly 12000 'nazis' or rather 'nazi supporters' ALREADY living in argentina in the 1930s. But the jew source wiesenthal doesn't say at all that '12000 nazis' 'fled' (after the war). The scumbags from yahoo and the 'independent' just make shit up as they go.

	Also, the jew wiesenthal nazis don't mention the little fact that german immigration to argentina didn't start in the 1930s but in the 19th century. So rest assured that the 'common' 'nazi supporters' were no different than ordinary 'nazi supporters' in germany...or in the US...

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