Stupid cunt, Cecilia Tanaka, can't take a hint

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Mon Dec 14 21:46:26 PST 2020

> Code is Law, jerk.  Go coding and stop spamming this list.  Believe me, coding will be much more useful than all the laws in the future.
> It will be beautiful to live in a world with much less (or none!) laws.  And more music, more flowers, and innocent hugs.

Here's the problem, cici (is that okay to spell it that way?):  life
isn't free.  If no one paid back for anything that they got,
eventually life would run out and the soul would die.  It's called
entropy.  This has been happening lately in the
Judeo-christian-indo-arab soul, because of a botched planetary

Something to think about...


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