Can't Route to Most of Internet

Karl gmkarl at
Mon Dec 14 16:14:35 PST 2020

Note to other laypeople: if this happens to you, the thing to do is to
call your ISP and complain, and to not take no for an answer.  Keep
finding new ways of engaging them, until the situation is resolved, or
you are truly satisfied with it being unresolved.

Atm, I'm a guest at my parents' house, they're not here, and I don't
know their account number or anything, so I'm prioritising that lower.

On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 7:10 PM Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> Today, all of google's services went down this morning, for me.  I
> visited their status page, and they were all down, with a noticed
> about it.  About half an hour later, they were back up.
> Right now, it's 19:08-0500, and I can suddenly only reach a handful of
> servers.  All of google's servers work.  Most others don't.  I can't
> reach github, I can't reach the tor directory servers, I can't reach
> most mirrors to perform system updates, but I can reach a handful of
> system update mirrors.
> I'm getting "no route to host" for most ip addresses.
> A decade ago I would have been excited to diagnose this in detail, but
> nowadays with severe schizophrenia it is just making me way more
> confused.

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