Nation-states and Theocracies are increasingly without credible forces

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Dec 12 18:25:09 PST 2020

For all their mighty armed-forces on display the leadership of Chinamerica gets more weakminded and worthless everyday.
Then women in Poland and Argentina are telling the Pope where to get off. 
These are not just outliers either- the trendlines are clear. The powers-that-be's power is deflating and people-power, online all the time is increasing. Dramatically!
Any kind of Marxist-conspiracist style " GovCorp ' is no longer even possible.
As I've said since 2009 all the worlds nation-states, monarchies, Theocracies, Religions and large corporations combined couldn't beat net-power. They couldn't beat us ten long internet years ago so how could they ever beat us now? 
We've gotten stronger every year since then and they've gotten weaker. 
Maybe if they teamed up with some hostile xenomorphs we haven't heard about yet.
The chances of that are vanishingly small. Keep looking Elon!
SURRENDER DOROTHY! ( Denning )  We're young - they're old - and such is life. 

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