USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Thu Dec 10 22:04:10 PST 2020 Truth!
Trump and his campaign have been censored by Twitter at least 436
times. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign
have been censored 0 times.
The stories about Hunter are true and worse than we knew Media lied
and hid the truth in order to help install a compromised crony into
the White House
Transition46 releases a statement falsely saying the FDA approved a
vaccine for emergency use. The FDA recommended approval, but has not
yet issued emergency use authorization. (That will happen in coming
They told you: -The Steele Dossier was real. -The protests were
peaceful. -The Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation. And now?
They tell you we shouldn’t ask questions about the integrity of the
2020 election.
Almost half (47%) of U.S. likley voters now believe there was enough
fraud to ensure Biden would win in the recent elections, including 75%
of Republicans & 30% of Democrats.
YouTube – the Google-owned video platform making headlines for vowing
to censor all content flagging “election fraud or errors” – employs
software engineers with ties to the Chinese Communist Party
“There’s a censorship being imposed on our nation that’s unheard of.
If you say the word ‘fraud,’ they take you off YouTube...You can show
pictures of fraud…It’s not untrue. It’s true. In a country like ours
you have the right to speak.”  Censorship, de-Ranking, and more...

AZ just joined, 19 states now onboard the train...

Declaring Independence, Secession... is an entirely valid
and worthwhile thought, process, human right, and freedom
outcome for all peoples of the world.

In the US... plot those states on a map... throw in 5-10 more
states after you convert them... lots of nice empty arable land
for a new experiment in freedom without the annoying
Dems-Left-Commie-Socialist-Marxists screeching
and destroying shit.

Libertarians might consider turning a few of them into
international crypto hubs ;)

Many of the US will be at this in two days...

Washington DC this Saturday Dec 12 2020 at 12 Noon in Freedom Plaza...
etc...  One of many video analysis

For the news scraping syndicate...

"There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely
different theories of life, theories of government, theories of
how we manage our affairs. -- limbaugh"

This... for so long as any of them... such as Democracy, Islam,
any other doctrine of political / religious force, etc... think that
they have right to FORCE you, a human being who has harmed
no one, to do what they want upon threat of theft, prison, and death.

Voluntaryism wins for the world.

Until then, and while working on that, it should make strategic
sense to assist those more likely to be closer to and even
eventually adoptive of that, against those who aren't and won't.

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