Foundations for treason against MSM executives ? -- ONE lousy vote, every 4 years! - treason - USA 2020 Elections: Thread

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Dec 10 04:19:38 PST 2020

To what extent could charges of treason be sustained in the SCOTUS against executives of CNN, MSNBC, AP and other fake news "MSM" corporations?

We want to see actual treason, actually sustainable in SCOTUS cases (you must always target the highest court, not the lower courts, even though you begin by filing in lower courts).

Treason, leading to executions.

It ain't real if it ain't real.

The game needs to be real.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 08:11:16PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> With all the graft, nepotism, corruption, lies, hypocrisy, taxation, and
> endless bad (to terrible) laws and regulations, "we the people" get, in
> "our" democracy, ONE lousy vote every 4 years!
> That tiny, almost insignificant right to have the most minimal say in
> "our" system.
> But for the demon rats (of any colour, any team) even that was too much
> to allow us.
> No, the demon rats had to steal that one last final minimal and almost
> insignificant dignity too...
> This has to be the downright nastiest, condescending, destructive way to
> destroy that final shred giving even the 'purport' of legitimacy to the
> system that the demon rat grifters profit so highly from for year after
> year, decade after decade!
> Think about THAT for a moment - the last bastion of the smallest
> dignity, a man's vote, just one amongst 100s of millions, and only once
> every four years - that final "democratic legitimacy" justifying all the
> corruption, and that tiny little vote also had to be stolen - thrown
> mercilessly to the highest bidder and thereby smashing on the rocks the
> last and final bastion of legitimacy for the whole system.
> Blood lust?  Executions for treason:
> Is it any wonder that congressional Democrats are rushing to condemn
> execution - even of a man who brutally raped and buried a girl alive?
>    Congressional Democrats condemn execution of man who brutally raped
>    and buried a girl alive
>        High-profile Democratic representatives came out against the
>        death penalty on Saturday after a man who brutally raped and
>        buried a 16-year-old girl alive was finally executed in Indiana
>        under the Trump administration. …
> Bring on the executions for all those directly involved in the treason,
> and substantial jail for the rest involved.  Make it big, keep it real.
> It ain't real if it ain't real.

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