Pentagon Jew Oinker, BatShit-Stasi 2.0, wants to AML/KYC cypherpunks!

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Dec 9 23:33:13 PST 2020

You don't have to be your totally fictional " GovCorp " to be a serial-pest sticking his oinker-like snout in a c-punks finances. 
If I had more than one Btc I'd have some serious bragging rights! 
The little I have acts like the ante in a poker-game. " skin in the game'.
The day you ante up with your pentagon-Jew-loverboy ' signing ceremony ' is the day I might consider following suit. 
Ante up or quit - double-stakes or split.
Now, some inside-baseball information for you and your fellow Nazi-Fag-Moron serial pests, this list is not for technical discussions. That's Metzgers gig.
This list is for discussing anarchism and how crypto might help catalyze anarchism.
Crypto has already helped catalyze a lot of anarchism despite pentagon-Jew-lovers like you trying pathetically to ...I don't know...whatever it is you do when you're not sucking on Jacob Appelbaums arsehole.

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