Real cypherpunks hold some Btc

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Dec 9 21:41:20 PST 2020

Some subject lines - especially from Nazi-Morons on this list - don't deserve any respect. 

As for paying Hitmen in USD, I'll pay them in any fungible commodity. Banana's. Cowrie. etc

I might even pledge my .9 Btc to have Batshit wacked out if he keeps acting like a cop.

The amounts I pledge are related to what I think the target is worth and who might match me.

Hence 20c for Elon since a lot of small bets should be easily raised and increasing amounts for more obscure targets, or ones I'm willing to lash out on. 
If any Nazbol-type moron is offended by these death threats then I have others. 
Bottom line - cryptoanarchy needs APster for a functional justice system. 
Crypto-currencies alone can't cut it.

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