Real cypherpunks hold some Btc

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Dec 9 21:05:39 PST 2020

This seems uncontroversial - especially when Nazi Morons,  like Nick Szabo, seem to have forgotten to get some skin-in-the-game. Of course the real Nazi-Moron is given millions worth and sells it all ( Like Jacob Appelbaums second favorite cypherpunk )
As for exactly how much that doesn't really matter - even half of one would be enough for any OG c-punk. The point is to Hodl till Btc moons or is replaced by something better. 
And while you're waiting you can borrow heaps with impeccable security and tell nosy pigs to go jump in a lake. 
No crypto-currency represents crypto-anarchy even if crypto-anarchy may include crypto-currencies and a fool and their reputation capital are soon parted. Maybe I'm lying about my own investment ( just under 1 Btc at 640$ ) Maybe go fuck yourself.
Lets let the strong AI judge whose OG and whose a fucking fraud or worse. The cop. 

BTW " Satoshi " should be speaking up more for " everyone an assassin " - guy must look like one of those Sumo eunuchs.

Subject: Everyone a remailer: Everyone a Mint: Everyone an assassin

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