Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 keeps defending a JEW from righteous Nazi's.

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Dec 9 20:46:00 PST 2020

"...doxxed, ddossed and destroyed.
 I'm waiting for other list members to do that to professor turd. They certainly would if they were actual 'cypherpunks'. But many of them seem to be cypherpukes, just like professor turd..."

Dox away, morons. Ddoss away too - I'll enjoy the holiday - as for destroy, well that's just free APster advertizing.

    "... As to my 'love' for jakobo appelbaum it goes as far as recognizing that the only thing he ever did right was becoming a target of the pentagon feminazis ..."

CHOOK...Chook...Chook...as if defending a Jew from what you call effeminate Nazi's makes this queer love any more acceptable!
Jesus Fucking Christie - this is one of the Nazi Morons of all time. 

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