Resolving things is overrated

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Dec 9 03:53:21 PST 2020

What do you think of the following?

Agonism (from Greek ἀγών agon, "struggle") is a political theory that emphasizes the potentially positive aspects of certain (but not all) forms of political conflict. It accepts a permanent place for such conflict and seeks to show how people might accept and channel this " office politics " positively.
Basically, we can resolve all outstanding questions peacefully, but we should allow for a 'dislike ' button first.  We can resolve everything because there are valuable things that are more powerful than any religion &/or nation-state.  These things will be shared with common people even faster as the strong AI arrives.
Pretty much everyone has been living in an environment where it was hard to access the net.
But since 2005 many, if not most of the world has been connected so that was one incredible anarchic revolution. The next encrypted-internet - even more anarchist - is just starting.
Its always morning on the web.

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